Interoperable Software Frameworks

The software models, frameworks, components and services we develop target the Next Generation Interoperable Applications. Every user can be sure that the information will be accessible, recognizable and understandable for the partners all over the world. New advanced features allow the information systems to seamlessly "talk" to each other and collaborate with external systems.

eBusiness & eWork Solutions

Our enterprise solutions support dynamic online Collaborative Business Processes, synchronizing Negotiation and Collaboration procedures, applying different Business Rules and forming a Flexible and Expedient approach to tradesmen to meet the requirements of today's complex and dynamic marketplace. New components will ensure SEEM (Single European Electronic Market) compatibility.

iSoft Ltd.
iSoft is a Software Engineering SME, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Company profile includes: Development of cross business interoperable software platforms, services and COTS components, Provision of Software solutions in Enterprise (e-Business, ERP, CRM, SRM), Administration (e-Government) and Science (Food Quality and Safety), Developmet of Web Based Services for Expert Knowledge exploitation and dissemination , Research, Technology Transfer and Large-scale projects management.

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Research & Innovation

SofTware for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services (STASIS), FP6

Small Enterprises Accessing the Electronic Market of the Enlarged Europe by a Smart Service Infrastructure - (SEAMLESS) FP6

Development and applications of new built-in-test software COMPONENTs in European industries - (Component+) FP5
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Expert Knowledge

Expert knowledge is invaluable asset supporting every human activity. But the experts are often expensive and rarely available. How to make their knowledge scalable and affordable for a wide audience? The answer is - through the appropriate Information Services, where their knowledge is represented in terms of standards, formalized descriptions and constraints.
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