Development of software models, frameworks, components and services for the Next Generation Interoperable Applications.

The rapid pace and the wide variety of new and emerging technologies and their constructive application and combination for building successful business solutions is a great challenge in front of all software companies. iSoft is responding to this provocation with a special effort and dedication to know what these technologies are and to be an expert at applying them in most effective and innovative ways.


iSoft is an IT solutions provider, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was established as an independent company by a group of Information Technologies experts, who have been working together in the software production sphere for the last 10 years. During this period they have created leading software teams in Bulgaria for several companies: ML Systems - Sofia GmbH www.mlsystems.bg, ProSyst Bulgaria Ltd. http://www.prosyst.com, SAP Labs Bulgaria Ltd. http://www.sap.com.

iSoft - Young and wise
The team of iSoft consists of young, talented and highly motivated people with strong technical background and experience in various spheres of IT technology. The combination between the manager's organizational and managing skills and experience, and the innovation spirit and the mastery in the latest technologies of the team members is the key for the successful development of iSoft.

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Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Interoperable Software Platforms, Components, Services; Free and Open Source Software; Component Based Software Engineering; COTS Components; Networked Businesses; Collaborative Working Environments; Model Driven Architecture; Aspect Oriented Programming.


Exploration and Application of new technologies in CBSE, Expert knowledge exploitation and dissemination via Internet, Development of Semantic Interoperability Environment, Large-scale Project Management, Final Solutions for Enterprise, Science and Administration areas.