ADaptive Virtual ENTerprise ManufacTURing Environment - FP7 -

ADVENTURE is Small or Medium-Scale Focused Research Project (STREP) funded by the European Seventh Framework Programme in Virtual Factories and Enterprises. The goal of the project is the creation of a framework that provides the tools to combine factories in a pluggable way to manufacture a particular product. This includes the creation of manufacturing processes, finding partners as well as real-time monitoring of the processes that are put into play.


SofTware for Ambient Semantic Interoperable Services - FP6 -

STASIS project to enable stakeholders, particularly SMEs to participate in the eEconomy by researching into the fields of semantic interoperability within an eBusiness context and developing software platforms and applications which will enable this. It will facilitate their electronic trading with both larger companies and peer SMEs since it will provide both a desktop and web-based service-orientated environment to facilitate the establishment of semantic business connections.

iSoft - Dare to explore
iSoft is very active in applied research in areas such as Interoperability, Networked Enterprises, Virtual Organizations and Collaborative Working Environments.

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Small Enterprises Accessing the Electronic Market of the Enlarged Europe by a Smart Service Infrastructure - FP6 -

SEAMLESS studies, develops and experiments an embryo of the Single European Electronic Market (SEEM) network where a number of eRegistries are started up in different countries and sectors. The aim is to define a collaboration framework and proper business models, realise evolving sectoral ontologies, develop a technological infrastructure and a number of applications and services on top of it.


Development and applications of new built-in-test software COMPONENTs in European industries - FP5 -

The main aim of the project is to further develop the cutting edge built-in test (BIT) component technology in a collaborative consortium with key European research institutions and leading industrial laboratories. The project transfers the BIT methodology into a well-established and practically applicable technology for CBSE.


RIS Danube

Danube River Information Services

RIS streamlines information exchange between parties participating in inland waterborne transport. The information is shared on the basis of emerging interoperability standards. Distributed data is produced and used by different applications and systems for enhanced traffic or transport processes. RIS facilitates the inland waterway transport organization and management.


Bulgarian Integrated Customs Information System
Phare - BG

BICIS is an EU funded project with a long-term IT strategy. It aims at developing a large-scale application, distributed into 120 custom points, with centralized monitoring. The goal of the application is to support the management of all Bulgarian customs activities and to provide connection between Bulgarian and European customs, ensuring access to the distributed information via Internet/Intranet.


Electronic Expert Services
Phare - BG

Nutrition is a highly multidisciplinary area. The project carried out research on how the knowledge, coming from different sciences can be collect, formalized and complete, in order to ensure automation in preparing particular diets for different purposes. Another goal of the project is to investigate how the formalized knowledge can be published for utilization into everyday practice of nutrition stakeholders.